4G GNSS Trackers

4GNSS tracker is a multi-frequency GNSS receiver with an external antenna. It was powered by vehicle battery for vehicle tracking.

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5G GNSS Trackers

5G NB-IoT trackers powered by self battery for parcel tracking for logistics industry.

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Indoor Trackers

Bluetooth based precision indoor tracking focuses on large wear house tracking with low power wireless devices with or without gps sensing.

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Location Sensors

We specialize in location sensing. We have products in GNSS(GPS) sensors with 4G, and 5G as communication channel. We have innovative solution for indoor location tracking based on Bluetooth and Sub-GHz wireless devices.

All our devices are designed, manufactured by us in India. We develop software for devices and the cloud application. Because of this we could innovate in hardware design and made installation and maintainenance almost trivial.

Various Verticals

We cater our location sensing devices mainly to logistics industry. Land transport vehicle tracking is our main application. We cater to logistics companies directly and transportation and fleet management software vendors.

Our novel indoor trackers are catering to container tracking application in shipping industry.