4GNSS Trackers

4GNSS tracker is a multi-frequency GNSS receiver with an external antenna. It was powered by vehicle battery for vehicle tracking.

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5GNSS Trackers

5G NB-IoT trackers powered by battery for parcel tracking for logistics industry also the NB-IoT is now considered part of the 5G family.

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Precision Trackers

Bluetooth based precision indoor tracking focuses on large wear house tracking with low power wireless devices with or without gps sensing.

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Founded by Vamsi Chikati with 20 years of wireless industryexperience.Wisenet has 7 years of Experience in commercializing hardware products.

Existing motor switch gear products for shrimp farming industry using power electronics. Battery based NB-IoT+GNSS low power location tracker for mobile assets without power source. 4G GNSS vehicle trackers.


There are some applications for tracking a vehicle

Utilizes GPS to monitor and locate vehicles in real-time, aiding in fleet management, theft prevention, and route optimization.